Celebrated Hair Stylist Pearson Knight

Pearson Knight – FEARLESS. FREE. YES.

pretty sexy girl black and white profile with wind in the hair

Since 2003, celebrated hair stylist Pearson Knight has made waves in the beauty industry. Knight received training from the prestigious Aveda Institute and went on to learn at Juut’s advanced training academy. An avid athlete, adventurer and thrill seeker, Knight has never been held back. Known to run(way) before walking, he worked his first New York Fashion Week while still in training and took on advanced technique before wrapping up the basics.exp183.01com-pearson-knight-highresWith the nickname of “Magic Hands”, it’s no wonder that Knight recently created his own product line of styling products worthy of both the runway and every day. After five years of working close with a chemist, PK was created. This environmentally friendly lifestyle brand is an experience of culture and creativity. Product line includes Beach Grit Volume and Texture Spray, Sculpture Foam Curl and Styling Elixir, Straight Shine Blowout Lotion, and Texture Mud Tame and Texture Pomade.

On top of creating his stellar brand, Knight has a revolving travel schedule that includes Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, and Orlando to service his bi-coastal clients. When he is not on the road, Knight can be found doing editorial shoots, product line consulting, product line testing, hair care education, working out of his one-chair, appointment-only salon, and holding membership on the Minnesota Cosmetology Examination Panel.


With a life motto of “Nothing matters, but everything counts”, it’s no wonder this Elle Genius Award recipient dominates everything he touches. Knight’s passions include his fiancé, the ocean, and self- expression. Pearson Knight is an independent, free-spirited hair stylist and style maker who has been defining his own unique path from the very start.


Content courtesy of Suite Public Relations

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