BABOR AGEID presents its first Spring/Summer look: Natural, fresh-looking and colorful!


The first Spring/Summer look from BABOR’s new AGEID make-up range presents warm and cool summer shades for the lips and nails, plus delicate, shimmering colours for radiant eyes and a fresh complexion. The new colors are as individual as your own personality, and are ideal for creating dazzling or pale highlights, whether shiny or matte, a relaxed look for the beach or an elegant look for a cocktail event.

Lip Oil in shade 01 salmon is a conditioning oil with a gloss effect. It leaves lips soft and smooth, and with a beautiful shine, without being sticky.


With its light shimmering effect, Eye   Shadow   Pencil   lends   the eyes a radiant expression. Using the pencil in shade 09 light rosé, trace a line along the lash line, working from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. With 08 ivory pearl, place a highlight in the inner corner of the eye. The creamy eye shadow can then be blended perfectly.


Glow Rocks face powder rounds off BABOR’s vibrant Spring/Summer make-up and magically creates beautiful highlights on the face and décolleté. This compressed face powder simply rocks. Made from fine glow powder, it comes in two shades – rose or cream – that add a fresh glow over the entire face.


The nail shades 09 salmon and 10 pink magenta allow lips and nails to be optimally color- coordinated. A brilliant tip to add variety to your nails: the colorless top coat 11 transparent matt transforms any nail color and gives nails a trendy, matte finish.




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