H2rOse – Finding Beautiful Hydration


Why We Should All Be Drinking Rose Water and Saffron

H2rOse is a specialty beverage uniquely made of Rose Water, Saffron and other natural ingredients. H2rOse has combined detoxifying Rose Water and soothing Saffron to create a beverage that reaps the benefits of health and beauty from within. These specific ingredients have been proven to reduce signs of aging, tighten pores, enhance moods and improve sleep and much more.

Rose Water is typically used to cleanse the exterior of the skin however, drinking Rose water purifies the body and skin due to the flavonoids, tannins and essential vitamins it contains. Rose water is a known mood enhancer, it also helps with the relief of occasional nervous tensions and soothes the mind. Rose water is known to improve the quality of sleep and improve skin’s texture.

Its unique benefits were beloved historical figures such as Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo who used to drizzle rose water in his tea everyday and Cleopatra who regularly bathed her face and body in it. Saffron, the other vital ingredient in this foolproof drink, boasts its ability to deliver on a glowing complexion. Saffrons properties act as a natural remedy, dating back to ancient times, support many functions such as easing digestion, soothing irritated stomachs, enhancing moods and reducing occasional anxiety and compulsive eating. Its anti fungal content is also effective for the repair of acne, blemishes and helping to unclog pores.

H2rOse is available in four different flavors: Apple, Mango, Peach and Wild Berry, creating a light and refreshing taste. The four delicious flavors are available in a distinctive box, topped with a few rose petals, creating the perfect finishing touch. H2rOse brings the benefits of Rosewater and Saffron together with the essential hydration of water to encourage and revitalize skin. Treat your body and skin to this innovative new drink that will change the way you think about beauty and hydration!


Content Courtesy of BeautyPress.com

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