Wink Natural Cosmetics – All-Natural Lash & Brow Enhancer

Black and white profile portrait of young beautiful woman with stylish eyeliner


Let Wink—Inc’s “Cool College Start-up”—Take Your Lashes and Brows to the Next Level!

Megan, the founder, was sick of spending hundreds (ok, maybe thousands) of dollars and countless hours at the salon on lash extensions. Not only were they sinking money and time, but they were making her real lashes permanently shorter! So Megan began trying lash growth serums to combat the issue, but ran into two issues: the lash serums that worked came with scary side effects (like turning blue eyes brown) and the serums without side effects didn’t work. So she sought out to make her own product that was both safe for use and effective. That’s when Wink was born.

Wink works with your natural lash and brow growth cycle to stimulate growth in dormant follicles, while strengthening the lashes and brows you already have. In testing trials, Wink was shown to increase eyelash fullness by up to 20% (that’s 60 lashes!) in 100% of participants. Additionally, eyelashes increased by up to 20% in length, due to Wink’s conditioning effects. Wink was also shown to regrow eyebrows in patches where brows had previously stopped growing, due to over-plucking.Wink is hypoallergenic, minimally processed and free of: parabens, prostaglandins, hormones, phthalates, sulfates, GMOs, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes.

Wink Lash & brow enhancer – 0.067 fl oz. – $39,00

Available on,,

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