Exfoliate, Smooth, and Refresh with Tri-­Dermislide™ by Intelligent-­SkinSense


Liquid Gold

The New Beauty Tool You Just Have To TRI !!!

Goodbye brushes and hello silicone prongs! Tri-­Dermislide™ Silcone Sonic Massager is just what you need to help exfoliate and revive your face and body! This tri-­functioning tool massages your skin, while awakening your circulatory system, relieving puffy skin, and exfoliating dead skin cells.What makes it unique?

Tri-­Dermislide™ has three features that make up this tool:

  • Massage: stimulate circulation in face and body for fuller, revived skin
  • Smooth: helps clear skin while producing a radiant glow
  • Exfoliate: removes dead skin cells and imperfections

Tri-­Dermislide™ is also made with three exfoliating silicone prong slopes to conveniently work the face, neck, and body.


Half Moon Tip
Combines extra small fine prongs along the top with large size prongs at the base of the moon for versatility. This area is suited for the are around the eyes.

Medium Slopes
Connected to the half moon and made up of small fine prongs. This area is suited for the face and neck area.

Large slopes (opposite side)
Made up of medium prongs and is best suited for the body.

Tri-­Dermislide™ holds  a charge for up to 6 hours of use. A USB adapter charger is included for your convenience. It also has a helpful LED base that blinks while charging and stays on  when fully charged.


Tri-­Dermislide™ is so multi-­faceted that skin puffiness is reduced on the face, under the eyes, and dimpled skin on the body. The vibrating massage function relaxes muscle tension, expedites the removal of skin toxins, and exfoliates dead skin cells.

Product Price
Tri-­Dermislide™ $75.00*
Tri-­Dermislide™ is available at www.intelligentskin.com

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