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Luxe for Less

World Exclusive: Luxe Studio Brushes Launch Exclusively into Boots
Cult makeup brush brand, Luxe Studio has today announced they are set to make waves on UK shores, launching exclusively into Boots Latest Finds – in a worldwide first. The uniquely designed brushes have been especially created for the flawless application of cosmetics, skincare, and even suncream. The collection will be available in Boots stores, and online at, priced from £8.99 – £22.99.

Luxe Studio are the ultimate multi-purpose brushes, attractively presented in a striking rose gold hue – making it the most gorgeous addition to any beauty addicts kit. Each brush is especially formulated to blend makeup, moisturiser and primer, creating a flawless base. The brushes have been formulated to not only look great, but feel amazing too, with advanced design technology.

The collection, exclusively available to Boots, features brushes designed to sculpt, contour, buff and sweep cosmetics and skincare products with every application – guaranteeing a flawless professional-grade finish every time.


Unique Bristle Head

  •  Expansive domed shaped head with densely packed bristles.
  •  Works with cosmetic and skincare formulations.
  •  Works with liquid and powder formulas.
Elongated Handle
  •  Longer handle is easy to hold and manipulate.
  •  Angled to provide uniform and controlled application.
Treatment Technology
  • Features synthetic fibers that mimics natural hairs.
  • Superior pick-up and release of product
Ergonomic Design
  • Offers precision, comfort and extra control during application
Durable Fibres
  • Doesn’t lose shape easily unlike fragile natural hair
Sleek Look & Feel
  • Shiny rose gold handle looks prestige, and high-end.
Oval x9 Brush, £16.99, Boots

This brush covers the face efficiently with minimal strokes and works to massage product in an even and uniform application. This brush is the perfect size face brush and works to provide optimal application of liquid and powder formulas, resulting in a flawless and glowing effect. Perfect for highlighting, sweeping on blush, airbrushing the skin, applying suncare and massaging in your favourite skincare.

Oval 5x Brush, £8.99, Boots

This brush works to effectively massage product into the upper and lower eye areas as well as the smaller crevices of the face. Place desired skincare or eye care product onto the Luxe Studio 5X brush, making sure not to get any into the eye. Using slow back-and-forth motions gently massage products thoroughly and evenly until product has been worked in to the skin. This brush helps you achieve a controlled application using liquid and powder cosmetic products for targeted areas around the eye and nose.

K1 Two Piece Kit, £18.99, Boots

The Luxe Studio 7X and 6X are the dynamic duo set of high quality brushes that cover your everyday make up application needs. These brushes are specially designed for use with both liquid and powder cosmetic and skincare products for the face and smaller hard to reach areas around the eye.

K2 Three Piece Kit, £22.99, Boots
The Luxe Studio 6X, 5X & 3X are the triple threat set of high quality brushes that cover all your everyday make up application needs. These brushes are specially designed for use with both liquid and powder cosmetic and skin care products – for the entire face or the smaller contours around the eyes and nose.

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