Stemology™ – Cell Revive Eye Serum


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Stemology develops Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete with StemCore-3, providing a breakthrough, all in one, formula that treats all major skin concerns associated with the delicate eye area. This serum reduces the appearance of eye puffiness, bags, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles in just three weeks*, leaving the focal point of the face looking renewed and refreshed.

Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete features StemCore-3, a key element in most Stemology products. StemCore-3 is a propriety technology to help build collagen and rejuvenate skin, with an efficacious formulation of all-natural stem cell extract that is ethically prepared and contains no DNA or stem cell matter, along with a stem cell communicator to maximize anti-aging benefits.

A blend of natural ingredients is also featured in Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete; pomegranate sterols, vitamins C and K, rice/soy peptides, green tea extract, and yeast polysaccharides are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of eye puffiness and dark circles in three weeks*. Botanical ingredients griffonia and secale cereale extracts immediately aid in reducing the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing subcutaneous muscles, while also providing long-term reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Sweet almond extract peptides, acacia senegal gum and sweet orange peptides help to lift, firm, and smooth. Stemology Emollient Complex, including argan oil, carrot seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, grapseed oil, squalane olive oil, propanediol, and borage seed oil, deeply moisturizes skin around the eyes.

SONY DSCThe eye area is one of the most problematic areas of the skin and can easily make people look older than they are, sooner than they expect,” says Stemology Chief Marketing Officer Lori Jacobus. “The skin around the eyes is incredibly delicate and requires special treatment. Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete was developed as an all-in-one product to treat all aging concerns of the eye area including wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. The combination of natural ingredients and Stemology’s powerful StemCore-3 leaves eyes looking, smoother, tighter, brighter and more youthful.”

To use, apply a pea-sized amount of product to cleansed and toned skin around the eyes. Gently pat product onto skin using the pad of the ring finger — under the eye, at the corner of the eye, and onto the brown bone.

Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete with StemCore-3 Stemology – $69

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