Beautiful girl in art dress with avant-garde hairstyles. Beauty face.

My. Haircare introduces their ground breaking product line: Infuse My. Color Wash (Ruby, Gold, Copper, Platinum & Cobalt-The Mineral Collection) designed to help the management of color fading between hair color appointments. The range of

colour enhancing shampoos are designed to revive, refresh and add tone to colored hair for brightness and vibrancy.

Developed with a high performance blend, that is eco friendly, while also being gentle, the vegan biodegradable color allows just a simple washing of the hair for immediate refreshment and tone.

Infuse My. Color Wash formula is:

  • 100% Vegan
  • 0% -Sulphates
  • 0% -Silicones
  • 0% -Parabens

Our secret is in the key quality ingredient that we put into our formula which include:

Enriched with a naturally derived cationic bio-polymer to enhance sensorial in-use and mildness whilst smoothing the hair cuticle to seal in colour. (please see editors notes)

The Five (5) Tones of Infuse My. Colour Wash (Shampoo) are:

COPPER: Maintains brightness of deep strawberry blonde, copper, auburn and warm brown hair. Adds gorgeous warm tones try on bleached hair for a peachy effect.

RUBY: Maintains brightness of red, red brown and burgundy hair, and also can be used on bleached blonde to create striking pinks.

PLATINUM: Neutralizes yellow, maintains brightness of grey, white, pale blonde and highlighted hair creating beautiful mirror-like effects.

GOLD: Maintains brightness of pale, medium, dark blonde and all highlights putting the sunshine back into washed out honey blondes. Bask in the glow also great as a glossing shine shampoo for any warm colored hair.

COBALT: Pure Ash subdues warmth and maintains depth of dark blonde, light, medium and dark brown hair. Cobalt is great for maintaining the coolness in dark ash blondes and browns. Applied to bleach blonde hair it creates strong mint green tones. Get your creative head on!

Infuse My. Color Washes are available online and nationwide in stores in the U.K.,


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