Measurable Difference™ – Instant Lash Extensions with RegenaLash™ Mascara


Beautiful woman with red lips

Instant Lash Extensions with RegenaLash™ Provides Immediate Length & Volume

Chrislie Formulations, the industry leader in state-of-the-art cosmetic technologies has created an innovative mascara formulated with powerful serum, RegenaLash™, designed to condition lashes while instantly creating a more voluminous look.

Measurable Difference™ Instant Lash Extensions with RegenaLash™ mascara creates beautiful lashes immediately with measureable results over time. The three step, clump resistant formula contains nylon fibers that bond instantly to preexisting lashes for dramatic results. Lashes can be lengthened a little or a lot by adding more or less of the lash primer to create the desired effect.The Measurable Difference™ product line is designed for the modern woman who is looking for multifunctional beauty products that will compliment her busy life style all while saving her time, money and allowing her to not only look good but feel good as well.

“Chrislie Formulations creates high quality…products with results one can see and feel. We aspire to make customers feel beautiful and uniquely special.”

Owner and Founder of Chrislie Formulations, Helga Arminak, believes that all women should have access to advanced cosmetic formulations that utilize natural ingredients to help them look and feel their most beautiful.

“In a world where women of all ages and cultures juggle families and work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, women will continue to depend on products created by Chrislie Formulations to help them look and feel their best.”

Ms. Arminak has also endeavored to give back to the global community by becoming a proud supporter of the Women’s Refugee fund, a cause close to her own heart. As a former refugee herself, Arminak states, “We are enhancing lashes because we want to make a measurable difference in the lives of women and children. This campaign will also provide financial support and raise awareness about the plight of millions of people in need.”


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