Flora Mare Maritime Premium Cosmetics



Discover beauty secrets from the sea with the gorgeous Flora Mare skincare range that helps tackle the signs of ageing using innovative ingredients sourced from the sea and maritime plants.

Flora Mare 4EverSonic

The 4EverSonic Facial Tool by Flora Mare features gentle, rounded studs on the front for easy facial cleansing using innovative vibration technology, while the other side is ideal for helping to apply serums and moisturizers. A clever two-in-one tool designed to help give a thorough cleanse to wipe away dirt, make-up and impurities, as well as helping your creams and serums absorb into your skin.

Flora Mare Day and Night Cream

mafl01.02uk-flora-mare-day-and-night-cream-highresFlora Mare Day and Night Cream. This super-moisturizing cream contains a luxurious combination of maritime plant ingredients from Brittany and plant lipids from argan, apricot kernel, aster maritima, avocado, almond and olives. Use this hydrating cream from Flora Mare in the morning and evening for soft, supple skin.


Flora Mare Ocean Elixir

Flora Mare Ocean Elixir. A real treat for the skin, this elixir is rich in highly concentrated minerals and helps hydrate your skin instantly on application. Achieve a radiant and fresh complexion in a flash with this Ocean Elixir from Flora Mare.

Flora Mare Hand Cream

Formulated using ingredients sourced from the sea and maritime plants, this mafl01.04uk-flora-mare-hand-cream-highresmoisturizing hand cream provides intensive care, leaving your hands soft and smooth. Fight the telltale signs of ageing with this caring hand cream from Flora Mare.


Flora Mare Brightening Moment

mafl01.05uk-flora-mare-brightening-moment-highresThe Flora Mare Brightening Moment eye cream moisturizes and cares for your skin, whilst helping to conceal dark circles and redness. A lightweight and gentle formula, Brightening Moment is perfume- free and can also be used for highlighting facial features to create an even and bright complexion.



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