Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming soon and that’s why we want to find the perfect gift for every girl’s Superman. We found us often in the situation where we did not find the right way to surprise our Dad and we ended up buying not so thoughtful things with only one consequence: a gift forgotten in a drawer. This 2017, the trend is towards beauty products.

Dad Rocker
His idol is Sting and he still treasures that leather jacket with which he conquered the world in the 70’s. He loves the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and AC / DC, his dream is to tour the Route 66 on a Harley Davidson and he is glued to the TV every time they re-play ‘The Wonders’ or ‘Almost Famous’.  Of course, he is a dad rocker who needs to smell the notes of vanilla, incense and sandalwood, but he also wants to have a smooth face after a heavy metal concert, and forget about dark circles to feel ‘forever young’ with the help of a cream or gel eye contour.  kapl01.04com-kaplan-md-intensive-eye-concentrate-highres

Dapper Dad
Your father has been combing gray hair for years, but he boasts of mature elegance, knowingness and style – characteristics that are missed in the men of your own age. He loves classical music, enjoys a good conversation, watches black and white movies, is up to date on the theater billboard of your city and would not change a good reading for anything.

If your father is a mature dad he will be carried away by the scent of whiskey and leather, but will also want to have a groomed appearance and that his mature attitude is not to be equated to wrinkles.

Classic Dad
He has recently accepted to use cosmetics and take care of himself, more by the insistence of your mother and, perhaps also, by a certain coquetry that he does not want to recognize. He is methodical and loves the quality of all things. He does not like to innovate himself too much, and is faithful to more traditional brands. Her look is always impeccable, he does not understand the reap jeans fashion that you love or the wedge shoes that are ‘top hype’ among your friends.

For this classic dad, an after-shave is a must, which is always perfect, he never wants to miss it even when traveling, or after playing sports. For his little, low-key, flirtatious gestures an eye contour, a fragrance with personality, and a moisturizing gel are essential – so that when you give him a kiss on his cheek, it will be the smoothest in the world.

Dad off road
He likes sports, but also shopping; he loves to travel, but also enjoys staying at home cooking the last recipes from Jamie Oliver; he loves speed and adrenaline but does not change anything/wouldn’t want to miss a family road trip. He finds the countryside to be the habitat of complete relaxation, but cannot live away from the big city for a long time.
This dad needs to combat the signs of age and the effects of weather aggressions when doing sports with gel and serum to regenerate his skin. He is non-stoppable and he can’t say no to any new challenge. An extraordinary contribution of vitamin C will be his great ally to combat the signs of fatigue. A good sun blocker is the secret weapon to protect him from the sun in his adventures.

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