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HAVE YOUR MAKE UP LOOK LIKE SARAH JESSICA PARKER.  Due to her individuality and style, Sarah Jessica Parker has become a very well respected fashionista She makes use of very subtle makeup application even though her fashion sense may be more bold and outrageous.

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I have listed some tips below on how to achieve a Sarah Jessica Parker’s makeup look.

Step 1: The first step is to make sure that you start with a clean, lightly moisturized face so that makeup will lie as smoothly as it can.

Step 2: To get this makeup look, begin by applying a silver colored cream shadow to the entire lid with your finger.

Step 3: With a sharp black pencil liner, you will need to make a thin bold line across your entire upper lash line. Be sure not to smudge as you will want keep the line solid.

Step 4: Sketch a line under the lower lashes with a gray-blue pencil, then smudge with a cotton ear bud.

Step 5: Apply two coats of black mascara to the upper lids. Then use a lash comb to separate and define lashes. Apply one coat of mascara to lower lashes.

Step 6: Brush up eyebrows with a brow gel which should be clear, this will enhance your natural eyebrow arch and help keep brows in place.

Step 7: Dot a creamy concealer under the eyes, patting the concealer lightly with your finger until it’s blended.

Step 8: Now with a soft makeup sponge use a foundation which is gel-based to any areas of the face that appear blotchy

Step 9: Almost there! Blot cheeks, chin, nose and your forehead with a sheer loose powder using a powder sponge

Step 10. Lightly apply a peachy powder blush to the cheekbones with a rounded blush brush and to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 11: Any finally … finish off the look by lining the lips in a nude-pink liner, then filling the lips in with a soft, baby-pink sheer lipstick.

Try this steps and enhance your beauty.

Author Kerri Brodovcky

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