Fine Cubic Zirconia jewelry, is it worth it?


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I’ve met so many people ready to spend tons of money to buy real diamond engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and so on to impress their relatives, lover or just for themselves. I’ve been wondering is it worth it?

When I see the price of a “real” gem, I don’t understand why some people are spending money that sometimes they don’t have to get them.

What is the point to go into debts just to show off? Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy expensive jewelry for the people you love. What I mean is that there are other options you might consider.

Ok, you want to please your loved one? Why not get her or him a cubic zirconia diamond? Yes, it’s a fake one, but to the untrained eyes it looks exactly the same, it is much cheaper and it can be cleaned with a simple brush.

Cubic zirconia is an oxide of the metallic element Zirconium. Like diamonds it comes in different colors, shapes and styles and is a bit heavier than a real stone.

Be careful if you use soap or detergents to clean your gem, dry it thoroughly to keep the brilliance. Cleaned frequently the overall effect can last forever. An ultra sonic jewelry cleaner can be use as well.

Why not give fine cubic zirconia jewelry more value for what it allows us to do? Make happy the ones we love while saving money.

So, I would say yes, it is definitely worth it.

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