Boreal Botanicals – The new Superstars of Skincare

Beautiful woman with red lips

Innovation handcrafted from indigenous boreal botanicals from the Canada’s North Eastern land and sea. The unique weather conditions of an island in the North Atlantic yields the highest antioxidant rich boreal plants globally. These plants are challenged daily for their survival by fluctuating temperatures and the constantly changing weather.. This produces higher yielding antioxidants than all other boreal plants in the world. It is these botanical superstars that Indigena us- es in its artisanal skincare formulas to create formulas with calming, clearing and glowing results.

Wild grown – Hand picked – Handcrafted

Here is what Maggie Gao of Folia Beauty, Indigena’s Hong Kong distributer says about our Sea Veggie Face Lotion

“This is a great face moisturizer. Light, easy-absorbing, hydrating, non greasy and gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin.  The ingredients are so green and pure, which is what we love. It’s absolutely one of our favorites!”

“We have created experiential products that are green affordable luxuries be- cause it is the little things we do in our daily health and beauty rituals that make a difference to our wellbeing,” says CEO, Lisa Walsh.


Within the collection we have: Sea Veggie Face Lotion

Partridgeberry (Lingonberry )Lip Balm

Smooch Lip Balm

Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub

Blueberry Bath Salts Partridgeberry Bath Salts Sea Goddess Bath Crystals

Post Workout Bath Salts

Seaberry (Seabuckthorn) Bath Salts

Indigena – Hand picked, hand crafted and homegrown, free from fragrance, pet-ro-chemicals, and artificial colors. No Animal Testing and cruelty free. Visit us at, to view our brand and to join our fans on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram follow the links there.






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