Got the Blues about your Bum – Chrislie Formulations – Ultrasonic

fashion glamor stylish swag young woman model with perfect sunbathed body in colorful blue lingerie and pink fur coat isolated on white

Got the blues about your bum? Do your dimples make you frown? Does the coming summer season give you reason for concern? MD has got you covered- so you can comfortably uncover– with the Ultrasonic Beauty Massager.


What’s your frequency? The Ultrasonic Beauty Massager by Measureable Difference delivers up to 1 million ultrasonic frequency vibrations per second to problematic areas – these tiny sound waves travel deep into the skin’s tissue to create frictional, stimulating heat which increases circulation and product absorption for a smooth, firm and sculpted look. Use the Ultrasonic Beauty Massager with LIPOLOTION by Measureable Difference for optimal results; it’s as easy as 1, 2- 3!

  1. Apply your lotion of choice
  2. Choose your frequency from the Ultrasonic variable settings
  3. Set the treatment timer and let Ultrasonic do the rest! Recommended treatment time is 3 minutes, 1 to 2 times daily.

The Ultrasonic Beauty Massager is a must have item that is also a luxury item- it works on so many levels as it’s smoothing and firming, feels incredible- and is such a chic little device I never tire of just looking at it!” -Helga Arminak

Helga Arminak founded Chrislie Formulations in 2010, located in the heart of Southern California. With brands including Lashem lash and brow products, NaiLuv gel nail polish, and Measurable Difference eye and body care products, Chrislie Formulations is a company created for women by woman who believe that luxury should be afforded every woman.



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