Capri Blue is thrilled to announce the debut of Canvas, its all-new beauty care collection.

The collection features an 8 oz. candle jar, 3.4 oz. hand cream, 28 oz. bubble bath, 11 oz. hand soap, 6.5 oz. bar soap and an 11 oz. hand lotion in three new fragrances. These fragrances include: Cashmere Rain, Jasmine Amber and Neroli Grapefruit.

All the beauty products are composed of natural vegan formulas that are free of parabens, triclosans, phthalates, sulfates, and gluten and have no synthetic colors. The formulas are 96% natural and are Whole Foods and Prop 65 compliant.


“We’ve taken extra care in developing our products so that they include natural, clean ingredients and have made special efforts to produce a beautifully designed and packaged product,” says Mary Beth McDavid, Creative Director. “We feel we’ve introduced the best looking, clean product on the market, and we believe this will make the end consumer feel better about the products they are using!”

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