With Fashion Week changing each season, moving from one place to another, designers doing their own independent shows and venues closing, it’s good to know there is something stable in the world of fashion.   Philly Fashion Week.

Philly Fashion Week, produced by Kevin Parker and Kerry Scott, is a professional staple in the fashion industry.  This fabulous work of art attracts fashion heavy hitters like Fern Mallis – Creator of New York Fashion Week, Elizabeth Wellington – The Philadelphia Inquirer, Mickey Boardman – Editorial Director of Paper Magazine, Sofia Davis – Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News, Clare Sauro – Drexel University Fashion Historian and Heather Crowell – SVP for Fashion Outlets Philadelphia to name a few.

The designers are to die for, such notable fashion heavyweights are:  Clarence Black, DajonJ, Thomas LaVone,  Closet by Christobal, L&S Collection, These Pink Lips, and Conrad Booker to name a few.

Philly Fashion Week engages their clients with Fashion Panels, VIP Parties, Style Galas, Haute Couture show and of course their famous Runway Show.  Each year they elevate the production of the show.

About the Fashion Panel:

  • “Panel Discussion on Fashion and Retail Through the Ages in Philadelphia and Beyond”Concept: Fashion Panel: Fashion Through the Ages Presented by the Fashion Outlets of Philadelphia
  • Date / Time: Saturday, February 25, 12:00 pm- 2:00pm
  • Location: Century 21 Department stores
  • Overview: As the concluding event of Philly Fashion Week, the Fashion Outlets of Philadelphia will produce an exciting panel event, where experts from all across the fashion space come together to share insights, perspectives and revelations about fashion and retail through the ages


I cannot wait to get to Philly Fashion Week and witness the Magic.


Take a look at the creative designers showing at Philly Fashion Week.



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