Each year Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand (“Luxury Lives Here”), develop creative campaigns for their new product lines.

This year we are launching a few luxury items and thought it would be nice to involve you in the choosing.  Here are some of the campaigns we have available:

MALE FRAGRANCE  Our first male fragrance will be built on the James Bond, Billie Dee Williams (Lady Sings the Blues) identity.  We need someone that looks nice in a Tux, can be Charming, Sexy and Sophisticated.  18 years old and up are invited to submit their info.  If you have a photo in a Tux, this would be helpful.  This will be for the campaign.

MALE MODEL to be named after the Men’s Fragrance from Fashion Avenue News.  We would like to name the fragrance after a Man that is working on his craft, taking care of business, in other words working toward his goals.  This Man would represent all that the fragrance means.

FAN No. 1  The 2nd woman’s fragrance by the luxury brand will look for a woman that can “bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never let you forget you’re the Man”.  This woman is about her business.  She is UNFORGETTABLE.  She is sexy & sophisticated.  Comfortable in her own skin, boardroom or girls night out.  She does not make excuses, she makes progress.  She shops at Bergdorf’s and with independent fashion brands.  She is always willing to try something new and is never afraid of a challenge.  She is extremely confident, her only competition is her own last project.  She is not intimidated.  Although she makes people nervous, she is really a very sweet person, if you can get to know her.  This is a fresh, strong, sweet fragrance.


FAN NEW IT BAG – We are looking for the face of the 2017/2018 FAN it bag.  People interested in being considered should send a clear picture, with all social media info – IG, Fbk etc.

HAUTE COUTURE BLING SUNGLASSES – This campaign is for the CONFIDENT WOMAN.  This is not for the Meek.  It is for the woman that is Bold, Beautiful, & Confident.

Model World Magazine Fragrance – This young playfully sophisticated fresh fragrance is making its debut this July.  The campaign is for the young, fabulous young lady that loves to have fun.  She is impulsive and she will jump on a plane to have dinner with her college roommate on a whim.  As much as she is impulsive, she is smart, she has all the right things in place, college degree, skills, saves money, has necessary luxury items like a little black dress, etc., She has a great apartment and likes living alone, she does not answer to anyone.  This is a sweet fragrance with a touch of youth dew.

THE FASHION DYNASTY FRAGRANCE – This is a fragrance (maybe) Unisex (we have not decided yet).  The fragrance is meant to be long lasting (Dynasty), one everyone loves, male & female.

If you would like to be considered for one of these campaigns, kindly send your info to Campaign@FashionAvenueNews.comDo not use any other email address or you will not get a reply. 

Photographers/Creative Teams – We welcome you to submit Mood Boards for any of the campaigns.  We would like to work with you.

Steve Bennett & his Creative Team:  Steve Bennett & Creative Team developed the Fabulous Fragrance Campaign featuring SuperModel Ebony Walker.  He will lead the FAN No. 1 campaign.

**NOTE: For Press/Media Inquiries, kindly email

***NOTE: Everyone 18+ can submit.   Additional information will be given if you are chosen for the campaign.

We welcome all Mood Boards and submission at



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