If you can only see one show,
make it Atlantic City Fashion Week.

This weekend I attended Atlantic City Fashion Week held at the Show Boat Hotel. 

It was amazing from start to finish.  First the hotel check in desk was pleasant and gave me the room I asked for.  The hotel was very nice and clean.   


The producers, Lamont and Jeana Bowling set up an exclusive interview between Fashion Avenue News and their longtime friend, 2 time SuperBowl winner, NY Giants Defensive Captain John Casillas.  Lamont had an all glass studio for the interview so everyone was able to watch.  It was the NY Giants Superstar first time walking the runway, but he did it ease.  Celebrity Photographer Allison V. Brown, showed off his video skills as he was the Editorial Director for the interviews.  We also had the opportunity to interview a few Designers and along with the Executive Producers.

img952107Designer Clavon Leonard (  showed his new men’s line, with a splash of women’s wear.  First time model, NY Giants Defensive Captain John Casillas, did an amazing job working the suits.  The beauty of Clavon Wear is he puts men in COLORS.  No dull greys or brown, Darling, we are talking lavender and reds.  Clavon Wear has added women’s bags to his collection, I cannot wait to get one.  He always shows a complete look, FABULOUS.

img952103Jermaine Pratt showed a stunning line which catered to the everyday woman.  The line was full of color, flowing sheer garments, some with an accentuated waist along with dazzling sparkles.  This line caught your attention.  I loved each garment that graced the runway.  The models really knew how to sell the garments and the audience could relate to this collection.  This man knows how to dress a woman.  Keep up the good work Jermaine.




Lloyd Crawford, Editor-in-Chief of i-Fashion, turned designer, (one of his many skills, he shoots fabulous editorial also) showed a beautiful, sophisticated collection of Resort Wear.  This is his Country Club Line – Darling you must have a membership.  The line featured handbags and shoes completing the look.  What a display of spectacular style. (I MUST have one of those bags).




Ric Lamar (Dutch Lamar), is one of my favorite designers for his attention to creativity, showed a gravity defying assortments of hats that completed the beautiful outfits.  Hemlines swirled and swooped, models sashayed, very nice, colorful collection.ric-lamar-2

There were many celebrities and beauty queens that graced the front row.  I had the pleasure of sitting next to Kevin & Keri, Executive Producers of Philly Fashion Week. 

One of the items that always stands out about ACFW, is the hair and makeup team, again, it was PERFECT, believe me, I was in the front row, it was PERFECT….…. and they do it like this every season.  Keep that Hair & Make Up team they are AMAZING. 

The ballroom was put together in a professional manner.  The runway was long and white, giving the audience an opportunity to see the garments.  A white runway helps with the photos, as it bounces light back onto the garments to make them even more visible.  The models also did an excellent job.  Recognized celebrity Supermodels were Gio and Khris Johnson, to name a few.  ACFW always has a variety of models of all sizes, height and weights.  This is something you don’t see too much at other Fashion Week shows.  What a great touch.

The media pit was supervised by John Staples who made sure everyone had a great spot to get photos and saved me a seat as the ballroom was filled to capacity with standing room only.  Thank you John.

The Vendors were fab, you had everything from Jewelry to Cosmetics.  They were very nicely distributed throughout the ballroom.  The Executive Producers had a short intermission for the audience to visit the vendors tables during the show.  Smart touch, the vendors were happy.

Atlantic City Fashion Week scores a 100%+ on my list of shows to attend.  They start and finish on time, have great models, PERFECT hair and make up team, a great front row, the Executive Producers are pleasant, the security was very nice.  This is a NO DRAMA, MUST SEE show, if you are looking to see a professionally run Fashion Week show…. attend Atlantic City Fashion Week, you will be glad you did.

(NOTE: This is a mini review.  More detailed review will appear in Fashion Avenue News Magazine)


Founded in 2011, Atlantic City Fashion Week is an event that rivals the likes of fashion week NYC, Paris and Milan. Twice a year thousands descend on America’s playground to take part in a high fashion event that includes fashion shows, seminars, celebrity appearances, retail events and industry parties.

This season, we will start on Wednesday, February 15th with our paneled lecture series that features industry professionals from the world of modeling, photography, cosmetology and journalism. 

On Thursday, February 16th, we will have our Student Showcase. A high fashion event featuring student and first time designers.
Friday, February 17th will feature our high end Ready to Wear Designers. This event has featured past designers from the hit television show Project Runway.

Saturday, February 18th will feature an international lineup of Avant Garde and Couture designers. Past season’s have shown collections from India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Germany and Russia. 

Atlantic City Fashion Week is presented in part by fashionSTYLE Magazine and KingBee Media. Atlantic City Fashion Week is a multi-day showcase of Ready to Wear and Couture Fashion. It also includes a vendor exhibition, and pre-networking events for VIP guest. ACFW is held twice a year in Atlantic City and has been attended by thousands of fashionable attendees.

Sponsors: Bravura Magazine,

Top of the Line Divas,

The Showboat Hotel

The Golden Nugget

Atlantic Limousine Inc 

The MUST SEE show during fashion week…..

(Photo Credits: Lloyd Crawford photo by Paul Walker. All other photos by Allison V. Brown)


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