Today is the day….. NYC LIVE Fashion Week…. a collection of creative talents coming together to bring you one big fabulous show…..

Video Montage Promo: “NYC Live! @ Fashion Week” Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Showcase
February 14th, 2017 (Valentine’s Day), 6-11pm – 4W43 – NYC.


Event Info:

Ticket Info:

We certainly look forward to having your participation, or being in attendance, for our “NYC Live! @ Fashion Week” Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Showcase.

On behalf of Xpozure Modeling, Xpozure Media & Model World Magazine, I certainly wish to give a special thanks to Fashion Avenue News, Runway Prestige, Dramatizon Make-Up Design,, Keri’s Korner Radio Show, Westhaven International, YOTEL New York, 4W43, and the entire “NYC Live! @ Fashion Week” Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Showcase Production & Press/Media Teams for this welcomed opportunity.

Media are welcome to attend, here is a Interview Tip Sheet


Suggested Questions – Please limit your questions to 5
*You are free to ask your own, these are suggested.

  1. What is the inspiration for your collection?
  2. What colors scheme & fabrics are you working with?
  3. What accessories are your working with this season?
  4. What do you think of the Buy Now movement in Fashion?
  5. What is your idea of Fashion Week as it has been moved and many established brands are doing their own thing?
  6. What changes do you see for your brand going forward?
  7. Are your garments Made To Order?
  8. Describe your client.
  9. How do you come up with the creativity each season for your collection?
  10. How important is it for Designers to give back?
  11. Where can people purchase your Collection?
  12. How and where do you sell your garments?
  13. As a designer, what do you do to get your brand noticed?
  14. What suggestions or inspiration can you give to upcoming fashion designer or people that may be interested in becoming a designer?
  15. With the influx of Social Media, how important is the Press/Media to a Fashion Designer?
  16. Please give your Social Media tags.

Fashion Designers –(some of the designers participating)

Alvertis Alve’ Alexander (Women) The Lone Star Collection (Houston, TX / Jamaica, NY, USA) *

Rashad Calhoun (Women/Men) DAHSAR by Rashad (Chester, PA, USA) *

Marcella Jones-Penn (Women) Marcella Collection, LLC (Dallas, TX, USA) *

Indira Isaeva (Women) Atelier Indira Isaeva (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) *

DaJon Johnson (Women) DaJon J. (King George, VA, USA) *

Princella Price (Women) Ella Price & Company (Columbus, OH, USA) *

Serli Taşçi (Women) Andre’s Ghusto New York (Istanbul, Turkey / New York, NY, USA) *


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