Every Fashion Week Season there is a SLEEPER SHOW….. what is that you might ask, it’s the show people may not go to because they don’t know the producer etc., well……….. Darlings, STYLE BY MILES showed up and showed out…… read on

Stylish man
fashion avenue news

First I’m lost because I’m not familiar with navigating Brooklyn and the trains are out of whack (of course), but we arrive before the show starts and fashion royalty is in the house, sitting front row; Harriet Rosebud – Hat Designer, Joann Dawes – Fashion Director, Princess Jenkins – Owner of the BrownStone, Drew Felton, Tiffany Brown – Editor-on-Chief of Model World, Andrene Williams, Rebea and Linda Ford just to name a few.  The event is sponsored in part by Kamoni Ice.  As I get to my assigned seat, fashion royalty swoon upon the Haute Couture Bling Sunglasses I am wearing.  I just happend to have a few pair with me and I am quickly SOLD OUT.   The venue, Brooklyn Commons, is amazing, love the layout, the show is about to begin.

All the designers are great, but the amazing one of the evening is Larry Underwood Menswear.  The collection is FANTASTIC. I never seen men dressed so elegantly.  The fabric, the cut, the attention to detail, daring creations of a couture magnitude.  This guy has something.  The direction his company is going in is where no line has gone before, I’m over impressed with the craftmanship, quality of the work and presentation.

Darryl Miles – Style By Miles Show was fabulous, the sleeper of fashion week.  Get on board with this show for next season, there is more to come.

****NOTE:  This is a mini review – more details and photos to  come on the entire show.


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