Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury House, is in development for their next line of fragrances.

This July the luxury brand will release 4 new fragrances with their first Men’s fragrance hitting on line stores.

Each of the luxury brands will have their own fragrance; Model World Magazine, The Fashion Dynasty, and Fashion Avenue News introducing its second fragrance FAN No. 1 .

The Luxury House is looking to develop campaigns for each fragrance and welcomes mood boards and sample editorials from photographers and other creative.  We are scouting HMUAs.

On board for FAN No. 1 is Editorial Director Steve Bennett who created the FABULOUS Campaign ads.  Sofia Davis says “Steve Bennett and team are creative geniuses, all you have to do is give them the mood and they can develop the campaign.”  The beautiful Ebony Walker, the face of Kurvicous 2016, is the campaign model for the Fabulous line.  Steve Bennett is scouting models for the new campaign.

Model World Magazine will have its first fragrance. Editor in Chief Tiffany Brown will scout a model to star in this young, fresh fragrance campaign. Tiffany is excited to have the publication launch its first fragrance under her direction.  Tiffany will start accepting mood boards and other creative for the upcoming campaign.

The Fashion Dynasty fragrance launch will be headed by Editor and Chief Quinton Bailey and Creative Director WinSum with input from the Southern Division Directors, The Kings.  As The Fashion Dynasty is a life style publication, the team may be leaning toward a Unisex campaign.

The Men’s fragrance is our most exciting as it’s our very first.  Editor-in-Chief Sofia Davis, says we are seeking a James Bond type of guy, charming, sexy and daring.  We are presently accepting Male Models of all ages, and seeking mood boards and creative for campaign development from photographers.

The Luxury House will launch the Fragrances at the 20th year Anniversary of Fashion On The Hudson, Saturday July 15, 2017.  All Campaign Models will be announced that day.

We look forward to having you in attendance, as we have Couturier Zang Toi opening the show with SuperModels Georgie Badiel and Avadora Mimouni.  Free tickets are available on Eventbrite or – this is one show you don’t want to miss.

Models, Photographers, Creative, people interested in submitting or working with us on the upcoming campaigns should send their info to

We look forward to hearing from you.

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