What happens when 3 strong, luxury brand unite?  You get an explosion of power…. Meet One Of a Kind Agency.

One Of a Kind Agency is a new Press/Media/Social Marketing/Styling/Event Planning – type of Agency that meets your every need.  Whatever you need, we can produce, all at affordable rates.

Why One Of a Kind?

  • Collectively we have over 30 years of experience in the fashion/media/marketing industry
  • We have proven track records
  • We have references
  • We work with your budget
  • We have Press/Media
  • We can produce anything you are interested in
  • We have proven media outlets
  • We have a social media expert
  • Our offices are right in the heart of mid-town Manhattan, so you can stop by and visit
  • Working with One Of a Kind circulates money back into the small business community.

Who are the Partners at One Of a Kind?

Sofia Davis – Luxury Brand House and Publishing Magazine Mogul, with numerous years of experience in the fashion industry.  Producer of Fashion On The Hudson, which had a registered number of people in 2016 of 32,701 (in its 20th year) and Press/Media Expert – The Rocky Show).  This Luxury House reaches 430,000 as of 2016.

Avadora Mimouni – Luxury Couture Accessory Designer and Celebrity Supermodel with over 30,0000 IG followers, collectively over 100,000 across social media platforms.  International connections in all luxury brand areas. Featured on numerous magazine covers and editorials.

Wendy “Boss Lady” Isaac – Celebrity Stylists and Editor-in-Chief of the Caribbean Issue of Fashion Avenue News.  She has produced fashion here and international, has a solid reputation as a stylists and red carpet host.  She has connections with tons of DJs and event planners.  This Boss Lady commands respect as she is polished and professional.

Together, these three ladies make up One Of a Kind Agency, here to meet whatever your fashion/entertainments needs may be from Weddings to Runway, from Harlem to Hollywood.  We are presently building our fashion industry list, kindly feel free to sign up for upcoming projects.

Desk side appointments, after 5 appointments and weekend appointment are available to find out more about One Of a Kind Agency.

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