Beard Oil Overload? Bluebeards Original Provides an Alternative

From the Company that Invented Beard Wash, Comes a Unique Leave-In Beard Conditioner


Bluebeards Original launched the beard movement in 2005, and is celebrating a decade in business by highlighting the product that started it all, Beard Saver.  It is designed for both beard hair and the sensitive skin underneath, and its unique formula has never been reproduced. This daily conditioning lotion provides an alternative to the hundreds of beard oil products that have hit the market in the past three years.

Google “beard oil” and you’ll get over 18 million hits.  But beard oil isn’t for every man. The application of oils can cause men with sensitive skin to break out.  For men with naturally oily skin, beard oils can leave the beard feeling greasy and dull. There’s also the transfer factor. Beard oils are often not fully absorbed by the hair follicle, so they can migrate from the beard to the shirt collar. And if you just have a short beard or scruff beard oil will do little to help groom or soothe new-growth itch. Thankfully, Bluebeards Original Beard Saver offers a true alternative to beard oil.

Beard Saver controls unruly facial hair, softens the beard, and helps prevent beard “itch” and new growth discomfort. It’s designed for both new and established beards.  “For men growing out their beard, Beard Saver helps prevent ingrown hairs and the new beard itch so many men have. For the established beard, a small amount helps to control and condition for the whole day” noted Paul Kaniewski, co-founder of Bluebeards Original Beard Care. “It’s designed to be lightweight and easily absorbed, so that it doesn’t sit on the skin or appear greasy.”

Introduced in 2005, Bluebeards Original Beard Saver was one of the first grooming products on the market designed solely for facial hair. It has a loyal fan base of long-term users, and has gained many beard oil converts who value the light feel and natural ingredients.  The Beard Saver is sold alone and as part of a three-piece Beard Kit gift set.

Key features of the product include:

  • Real lime oil helps break down trapped sebum and limit ingrown hairs
  • Aloe and shea butter gently moisturizes skin and hair
  • Manufactured in the USA, without parabens or sulfates

“We’ve been focused on men’s beards for 10 years, long before facial hair became a mainstream trend” said Kaniewski.  “Our products are designed to make beards look good and feel good.  We hear every day from men who tell us that they never would have kept their beard if not for Beard Saver. That’s what we live for”

Bluebeards Original beard care products, including Beard Saver, can be found in over 160 stores in the US and Canada, and online at

Size: 4 fl. oz

Beard Saver MSRP:  $24

Bluebeards Gift Set (contains Beard Saver, Beard Wash, and Wonder Beard): MSRP $54

Direction for Use:  After washing and towel-drying beard, rub a small amount (think quarter size, not shot glass) through your beard, from root to tip.  Let air dry.

About Bluebeards Original

Bluebeards Original Beard Saver is the flagship product of Bluebeards Original, a Pennsylvania-based company dedicated to men’s facial hair care.  Founded in a 2005 by husband-and-wife team Paul and Moira Kaniewski, the Bluebeards Original line of beard kits, conditioners, and beard washes are found in over 160 stores in the US and Canada.

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