Jane Carter Solution: Nourish & Shine The Must-Have Product for All Your Hair Needs!


Jane Carter Solution’s Nourish & Shine is a blend of all natural butters with vitamins and essential oils to nourish hair and replenish dry, parched strands. Nourish & Shine is ideal for medium to coarse hair textures. This soft cream melts into strands helping to reduce dry, coarse tresses without weighing hair down or leaving hair feeling greasy. This Shea butter based emollient is also infused with mango butter and citruses such as lemon, orange and grapefruit to add a rejuvenating scent.


“There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about hydrating your hair,” says Jane Carter, seasoned hair stylist and founder/CEO of Jane Carter Solution. “Hydrating your hair properly prevents unnecessary breakage, dryness, dullness and frizz. Just as water is necessary to hydrate your skin, it is also just as important to hydrate your hair,” Carter explains. Hydrated hair is more porous and has a greater ability to absorb nutrients. For coarse, dry textures, moisturizing is a two-part process so I always recommend a water- based hydrator to start then seal in the moisture with an oil based sealer such as Nourish & Shine.


Nourish & Shine is 100% natural and can be used daily on hair and skin. For your hair, start with a pea sized amount, rubbing your palms together, the Nourish & Shine will start to dissolve and then apply it directly to your hair, as a finisher. Nourish & Shine is especially great for sealing in moisture and adding shine, for best results, seal in after misting with a water-based hydrator. For Skin, add generously, anywhere you’d like. It can be used on dry hands, feet, lips, etc. Nourish & Shine retails for $22.00 on janecartersolution.com or can be found in ULTA, Sally Beauty Supply, Target, and select Whole Foods stores as well as select retailers across the country.

About Jane Carter Solutions:

Jane Carter Solution is a leading manufacturer of all natural hair products, created for ALL  hair  types.  We  believe  that  beauty  evolves  from  the  inside  out  and  we  are committed to assisting our customers overcome their hair care challenges, as well as support their mind, body and spiritual evolution. We support global initiatives that encourage economic stability around the world and are committed to creating a global beauty community, that’s inclusive of all hair types, textures and ethnicities. Our primary intention is to help our hair care community embrace their beauty and love their hair. By using  the  latest  technology,  we  provide  a  tool  to  educate,  inform  and  engage  our customers in the latest tips, techniques, and trends in beauty and hair care.

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