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The skin is the immune systems first line of defense.

The skin shields internal organs from disease, injury and environmental stress.

Langerhans cells found within the epidermal layer of the skin are the key components of the immune system’s defense. These wonder cells protect the skin from foreign elements as well as promoting skin renewal and repairing damage caused by sun and other environmental factors.

Now INNARAH® has developed a new skincare formulation using unbuffered glycolic acid and a unique bio-fermentation process, which works with the immune system, which helps to give immediate and permanent results, repairing and rejuvenating the skin. This all natural range of products are free of synthetic ingredients and will keep your skin glowing from within.

INNARAH® formulated the unique technology known as bio-fermentation to perfect its fermented anti-ageing formulas and signature VenoDefense collection with cutting edge ingredients such as Elk Antler Velvet, Ormus Gold, plant stem cells and Marine Phytoplankton. So now you can target your skin’s natural immune system for younger, glowing, healthier looking skin by using INNARAH® skin care products.

Most skin care products are heated and blended but the unique Bioferm process is actually modelled on ancient alchemic processes known as “Nigredo”(decomposition) and as the INNARAH® ingredients are fermented they will not be oxidized and are therefore much more powerful and concentrated.

Because the skin is the largest organ in the body it is the first line of defense for the immune system, it is imperative to help to protect it, which is why it is recommended to eat seven or more fruit and vegetables daily to keep the skin and body in tip top condition.

So what does skin care have to do with this, and how you might ask does a skincare cream or serum help to defend the skin? And this is where the Langerhans cells play their part, as these white blood cells automatically protect the skin by generating an immune response when they come into contact with ingredients they don’t recognize. However, if the ingredients have been through a bio-fermentation process as with the INNARAH® products they are more readily accepted by the Langerhans cells, so can penetrate the dermis more easily and keep the skin in tip top condition for longer.

Unisex INNARAH® products are suitable for any skin type or skin color. They are recommended for any age from twenty to eighty and beyond, as we’re all living so much longer nowadays these luxury skincare products will keep your skin looking its best for longer and glowing from within.

INNARAH® is one of the few companies that has an Oxygenated Crème within its skincare range that helps with the healing of adult acne, cold sores, hyper pigmentation and other skin issues. By using Innarah products under eye puffiness is diffused and removed as well as inflammation. With ten skincare products in the range their key products include the following four products:


VenoDefense Treatment Crème

VenoDefense® Treatment Crème is formulated with a proprietary complex of anti-inflammatory ingredients, that mimic snake venom activity, which has an inhibitory effect on muscle receptors, reducing skin inflammation and ageing. The ultra rich formulation deeply replenishes skin moisture from the first application so that the appearance of lines and wrinkles are smoothed for a radiant complexion. SSP £247.00 for 50 ml


JO2 Compound Oxygenated Crème


Hyper Oxygenated Crème is a combination of all natural anti-microbial, oxygenated ingredients and patented unbuffered glycolic acid. This Crème is micro-clustered to absorb deeply, helping to detoxify and brighten the skin, refining enlarged pores and stimulating collagen production while also exfoliating dead skin cells leaving skin clearer. It will also help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and acne scars. SSP £206.00 for 50 ml


Defense Oil Oxygenated


This deeply nourishing oxygenated formula is a proprietary blend of oils containing 10 essential fatty acids, including omega 3 and minerals combined using the Innarah revolutionary bio-fermentation process so that the final formulation is easily recognized and accepted by the skin. The oil is absorbed easily and helps to protect the skin from environmental aggressors. Skin looks revitalized immediately, and over time the appearance of lines and wrinkles are reduced. SSP £247.00 for 30 ml


derinn001-02com-treatment-solution1-highresTreatment Cleanser

This rich moisturizing and detoxifying cleanser stimulates natural ceramide* production to lock in moisture while precious oils and minerals gently cleanse the skin. Water, rich in natural magnesium, acts like a magnet to deep clean the pores. It leaves skin calm, soft, nourished and conditioned. This cleanser is gentle enough for sensitive, dry, or rosacea-prone skin. SSP £52.00 for 100 ml


The entire INNARAH® range has been developed by Manzoor Jaffery a pharmacist and Chemist with over 40 years’ experience in Cosmetics manufacturing. He initially made VenoDefense cream for himself, in order  to lighten a small discoloration on his face and was experimenting with biofermentation, and thus, an entire skin care line, INNARAH® was created.

*Ceramide is the main component of the stratum corneum – the epidermis layer of human skin

INNARAH® products are very concentrated so a little goes a very long way.

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