Dahliana Vegan Skincare Peel

“30 Second Beauty Rescue” Intensive Flash Peel



Brimming  with the highest concentration of organic and vegan ingredients, Dahliana’s 30 Second Beauty Rescue Intensive Flash Peel is a deeply nourishing & exfoliating anti-aging skin care treatment that is unrivaled by any other product out on the market.

There are many variables that can contribute  to premature aging of the skin such as repeated exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, genetics or even dehydration.


This unique all-in-one formula is designed to help accelerate the results of your daily skincare ritual in just mere seconds. Dahliana’s “Intensive Flash Peel” also tightens pores, lightens dark spots, as well as exfoliates and hydrates the skin while also increasing collagen levels.

Whether you have a dull skin or your skin complexion is in dire need of a boost of radiance – in just 30 seconds, this incredible treatment peel creates a burst of radiance for a truly youthful  and revitalizing glow. With  key ingredients like Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Spirulina,  Shea butter and Peppermint, all these natural elements work harmoniously together to contribute  to the deep and long-lasting hydrating effect. As a result, skin instantly becomes irresistibly  smooth, revived and youthful.

How to Use Dahliana’s 30 Second Beauty Rescue Intensive Flash Peel:

Simply press the pump to release a dime-size amount of product into your palm, using your fingertips. Gently dot the product around your face while concentrating in problem areas. In a circular motion, massage the product until  face is completely covered. Leave this peel on for 30 seconds to 1 minute then wash thoroughly  with cool water.  Your face will be instantly revitalized leaving behind a fresh, tingling  sensation.

About Dahliana

With  her 20 years of professional experience in both dermatological science and the skincare industry, Dahliana’s founder, Carola May has a deep rooted love for the healing properties of natural ingredients and holistic therapies. This passion turned into a lifestyle for Carola where she adopted a clean new diet and went 100% natural during her retreat to the beautiful Sierra Mountain foothills.  Through years of scientific research, and more importantly, clinical experience, Carola, designed her complete line of natural and organic skin care with a centralized focus on promoting beauty and radiance from within.

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