Xenna Corporation, Princeton, NJ, ( ) a maker of patented footcare products, will be expanding its distribution of CALLEX® Ointment for Smooth, Soft Feet in combination with updated packaging to highlight the brand’s dual benefit of moisturizing and exfoliating all in one application.  A spokesperson for the brand announced the beauty item is a breakthrough over foot scraping devices, which merely exfoliate and leave the foot dry and unprotected from further loss of moisture.  Callex was also formulated to be free of harsh acids, parabens, preservatives, lanolin and animal byproducts.  The naturally-­‐derived enzymes in Callex are blended with natural peppermint oil for a refreshing scent and application experience.


Callex was created to fill an unmet need in footcare – a truly effective product that both exfoliates and hydrates the foot.  Being free of harsh acids and alcohol, Callex is gentle on the skin, yet effective in softening and exfoliating the flaking or crusted buildup on heels, toes and soles.  This is because the two enzymes in Callex are uniquely matched to tackle just the dry, flaking skin on the skin’s surface.  The enzymes act as “sentinels” to prevent further dryness. Within a few weeks, feet are supple, smooth and years younger-­‐looking.  Thereafter, Callex continues to maintain, soft, smooth feet with regula, light applications. As the brand’s TV commercials proclaim, “No more scrubbing, no more scraping!”  Callex is also very popular with athletes who experience more foot problems than most.

Callex Ointment can be purchased in the footcare aisle at most Walgreens and Rite Aid stores nationwide, online at  and  and will be in grocery stores this spring.

“We hear almost every day from Callex users who are thrilled to have soft, supple feet again,” says Carol J. Buck, MIA, who founded Xenna Corporation and discovered the magic of Callex’s enzymes for feet.   She started the company after becoming an empty-­‐nester and offers inspiration and advice to other women interested in becoming entrepreneurs later in life at­‐us.aspx and­‐story.aspx .  The company’s other footcare product is NONYX® Nail Gel for Clear, Healthy-­‐looking Toenails and Fingernails (  Nonyx is a leading brand in the Nail Treatment category and is sold in footcare at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Duane Reade, and many other chains nationwide.


Callex is made in America and sold in a 1.75 oz. jar, a one to two month supply. For reviews and a full list of retail outlets, visit  Samples for the press may be requested by emailing



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