Why Tall, Slim, Young Models? Designers respond to your questions…

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After numerous complaints from Mini/Petite Models, I decided to answer the question on height and size of models for Fashion Week.  We know that the landscape is changing, so nothing here is written in stone.  This is the designer’s explanation.  (**These are not my direct views, they are answers as gathered from numerous designers)

Why do designer prefer tall slim, young fashion models? I get asked this question a lot.  Mini Model (also known as Petite or Under), rant that they can slay a runway just as well as the tall models, and they are correct, they can slay, but….. understand the concept behind tall slim models.

For a PROFESSIONAL Fashion Week show, designers prefer the tall slim models for one reason and one reason only, each model can fit the garment.  If you have 60 pieces to show and have 30 models all doing 2 pieces each, and one or two models don’t show up or are delayed for whatever reason, any model can fill in because they are all approximately the same size and height.  If all the models are 5’10” and hips 35” and under, they can slip into the garment and keep the show moving.  If you are a mini model, 5’7” and under, it’s very hard for you to wear the same garment as a  5’10” model.  I understand that some Mimi Models say “I can be 5”10” with heels” unfortunately they want you 5’10” without heels.  Also they prefer models ages 16-23 years old, why?  Some designers feel that the model has not filled out totally and still has a “fresh, youthful” look. *

I just wanted to clarify that it’s not like the designers do not like Mini Models, they LOVE THEM, but when doing a PROFESSIONAL fashion week show, most designers like everything uniformed and flowing evenly.

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Now that we have an understanding of why designers prefer the taller, slimmer models, Fashion Avenue News has decided to sponsor/create Mini Model Fashion Week (MiniModelFashionWeek.com).

This fashion runway show will feature models 5/7” and under.  We are looking to work with the Mini Models and let the world see they are just as talented as their taller counterparts.

If you are a Mini/Petite Model and are interested in working with us on this creative project, kindly contact us at Info@MiniModelFashionWeek.com  The show is slated for Fashion Week September 2017.

***NOTE: Mini – definition “a smaller version of the same item, no change in quality” – Meaning, Mini Models are just as fabulous as their taller counterparts, just a Mini version.

*These are answer from numerous designers, nothing is written in stone.

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