White Satin

With the New Year here, I know most have started making plans and goals.  It’s a new fresh page in life, and I’m thankful to God that I’m here to see it.

This year, the Fashion Avenue News team will work on new and exciting projects, develop relationships with other Fashion Industry Brands, expand our fashion luxury reach, and discover new and eager models for editorials and covers.

This is a new page, a page that is blank without writing, you write your script.  Plan and execute your direction.  Don’t let anyone knock you off your course, have laser beam focus on your goals and you will achieve them.  Block any negativity and misguiding that come in the form of fake friends or associates.  Watch the ones that are always coming to you with bad talk about others, they may be a negative spirit, get rid of them.  Surround yourself with positive feedback and goal orientated waves.  Keep your mind open to positive vibes only.  Don’t be distracted from what you set out to do.

I have to thank my team, for without them, I could not achieve half of what I have.  It takes people who can imagine your vision, that believe in you unconditionally, that any time you say, “We are going to do”, they say YES WE CAN, and that is the Fashion Avenue News Team…. I am BEYOND GRATEFUL to them all, and there are no real words that can truly express how happy I am that they are on MY TEAM.  I look to them for guidance, advice and leadership, which they continue to provide.

Teamwork concept with the word team

We will continue to be a “One Of a Kind Magazine” that brings you different and unique fashion information thru our monthly publication and our daily fashion blog.  Visit our Fashion Events page to see the upcoming fashion industry events we are working on.  If you are interested in collaborating with the FAN Team, email us, ( we would love to hear from you.


We thank everyone we have worked with during the year and look forward to 2017 with eager, fresh eyes and excitement for the New Year.

Go into the New Year the mind-set of, it’s only IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL YOU DO IT!!!!


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