Fashion Week is quickly approaching as designers prepare to showcase their brands.

MCMGNYC and BUY NOW FASHION WEEK acquired Fashion Avenue News Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis to help with their project.  The mission is to return to the true purpose of fashion week, which is for designers to sell garments.

When independent designers are paying large fees to be in fashion week shows, they are always asking the question, “What am I paying for? What am I getting?”  These are the questions we received after surveying numerous designers about what they wanted in a fashion week show.   Most wanted the opportunity to meet a manufacturer that can produce small lots, to have a place to “SELL THEIR GARMENTS” after the show, to have Press/Media interviews in a location that is not so noisy you can’t hear, (a Press room) where they would have scheduled interviews, to develop a working relationship with a boutique PR firm that would help promote their brands before the show and for the shows to start and finish on time.  They understand producing a show cost money, and are willing to pay, but the return must be matched.


Buy Now Fashion Week is looking to develop a long term working relationship with designers, not a one off, with affordable pricing, designers can show every season.  This frees up funds to purchase fabric, do lookbooks etc.,  BUY NOW FASHION WEEK wants to get back to the true purpose of the development of fashion week from the beginning, for designers to sell garments.

What is Buy Now Fashion Week Offering Designers for the February 8, 2017 Fashion Week Show.

  • An amazing venue in Harlem
  • Designers can show 10 looks
  • A manufacturer that produces small lots
  • Fabulous Venue (3 Floors) with VIP Balcony/Vendor space
  • Press Room interviews
  • Consumers (Attendees) are the new Buyers
  • Pre Show Publicity
  • Boutique PR Firm
  • Press/Media Invitations
  • Assistants to help designers back stage
  • Industry Size Models
  • 1 Hour Press/Media Pre Show Interviews
  • Option for Designers to have their name on Step & Repeat (additional fee)
  • A place to SELL the garments directly after the show (designers should have garments ready for sale or be able to measure potential clients)
  • Free entry for anyone interested in attending the show (must get FREE ticket on line – ticket go line next week)
  • Show fee is $250.00 TOTAL

Vendors are also welcome, $250 vending fee,

Let’s get back to what Fashion Week was meant to be, designers selling garments.

If you are interested in participating or being a Sponsor for Buy Now Fashion Week, email

Dark Beauty

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