Fashion Avenue News Magazine had the pleasure of attending the Jermaine Pratt Boutique Opening & Fashion Show in New Jersey, what a great event and here is why.




The show featured models of all sizes, heights and weights, the everyday person.  Jermaine shows his smarts here as that is his target audience, the everyday person that wants to look fabulous.  He had flowing and fitted garments, along with sweeping sleeves, that just looked amazing on the models.  He threw in splashes of color and had the classic black and white to round out the collection.  The show was short, sweet and to the point.  The show host, Ike, did a great job of entertaining the audience.


Fashion Royalty was in the house, this included Atlantic City Fashion Week Power Couple, Lamont & Jeana Bowling, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis of Fashion Avenue News Magazine Empire along with numerous media and press.



The Boutique is FABULOUS, soon as you walk in, the BLING greets you at the door, I love BLING.  Great jewelry, handbags, and garments for all sizes.

After the show everyone went next door to the boutique and purchase the garments you just saw on the runway.  That was a wonderful addition to the show.  If they did not have something in your size or if it was already purchased, they were willing to order it for you.  I think this addition made the show a success because designers need to sell their garments. The entire point of the show is to sell garments and sell he did.

If you are in the area, visit the J Pratt Boutique, everything is affordable at reasonable pricing and great garments or every size and lifestyle.


JPratt Boutique, 612 W. Clements Bridge Rd, Runnemede NJ 08078

Review: Diana Regal

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  1. Lamont D. Bowling

    Always good to see you Ms. Sofia! Thanks for the special shout out. Love the coverage that FAN consistently gives to regional fashion events. Many praises for the many years of outstanding journalism..

    Lamont and Jeana Bowling
    Atlantic City & SOHO Fashion Weeks


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