Bellápierre Cosmetics – Lip Contour & Highlighting Kit

beco02-01com-bell-pierre-cosmetics-lip-contour-highlighting-kit-highresThe art of contouring with makeup has proven to be a very strong trend in the makeup industry over the last couple of years, and has been projected to remain a trend for quite some time. Its appeal is the ability to enhance the features one likes and diminish what they don’t. Many companies offer products to contour the face, but only few have ventured past that into other areas such as body and even eye contouring; Bellápierre’s Lip Contour &Highlighting Kit is the first of its kind. It contains everything one needs to enhance their pout with four full-sized products and step-by-step instructions. This eye catching kit is available in four shade options: Nude, Natural, Fierce, and Red with coordinating lipstick and lip liner in each.

The first step to contouring the lips is to ensure that they are clean and exfoliated, this will provide a smooth surface for application. Once the lips have been prepped, they are ready for the application of the Makeup Base, which is meant to prime and cancel out any natural pigmentation – so a truer lipstick color is achieved. This versatile cream dries to a powder-like consistency and is formulated with all natural oils, waxes, and mineral pigments. Makeup Base should be dabbed on the lips in a thin layer, using a clean finger.

The next step is to highlight just above the top lip, this will help bring emphasis to the skin surrounding the top lip, thereby making it appear larger. This subtle highlight is achieved with the included Highlighter pencil, which is made from natural botanical waxes such as jojoba and safflower, vitamin E, and pure mineral pigments. There is a natural skin tone variation on the face that is often covered by foundation, this product will help to reinstate a natural-looking dimensionality. The sleek pencil form of this Highlighter allows for precise application that is easy and familiar to the consumer.

Once the highlighting has been completed, the next step involves contouring with the Gel Lip Liner, which is meant to add definition and dimension to the lips. By slightly over-lining the natural lip line and strategically placing vertical lines along the top and bottom lips, the illusion of larger and fuller lips is achieved. It may seem complicated in writing, but the step-by-step pictorial on the kit ensures foolproof application every time. The Gel Lip Liner is also made with ingredients such as natural waxes, mineral pigments, and antioxidants.

The fourth and final item in the kit is Bellápierre’s award-winning Mineral Lipstick, which is meant to be applied within the outer contour lines, and smoothed over the inner contour lines. Mineral Lipstick is packaged in a chic, cross-hatch patterned tube with delicate silver accents. It is formulated with natural waxes, mineral pigments, and antioxidants. Application of this product ties everything together, and is the finishing touch to lip contour and highlighting.


To summarize, the Lip Contour & Highlighting Kit by Bellápierre Cosmetics is ideal for anyone looking to achieve fuller or more defined lips, by providing all of the necessary tools for a complete lip look. An added bonus is that the four products included are non comedogenic, as well as certified cruelty-free.

The Makeup Base weighs 8.5 grams, the Mineral Lipstick weighs 3.5 grams, and the Highlighter and Lip Liner pencils are 1.8 grams each. This kit comes packaged in a sturdy paper box with illustrations and instructions printed on it, and retails on the Bellápierre website.

By: Bellapierre Cosmetics

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