Sparkling beauty! Festive Holiday Looks

There’s only a few weeks left until the Holidays, the best excuse to try some sparkly make up, shimmer and make your skin glow.  Let your make up glow and get the glamorous Christmas’ highlight you are looking for in just a few steps.

The Complexion: A screen for perfect makeup
An even complexion is the basis for a perfect look. Perfect skin during winter season could be really hard to get. Dry, rough skin and Rudolph-colored noses are not sexy. Luckily, all of these impurities, including popped small veins around the nose and cheeks as well as tired, pale skin can easily be transformed into porcelain skin! The base for some festive sparkle is a primer: Many formulations contain subtle shimmering particles that visually balance the complexion as they conceal small irregularities. Additionally, they moisturize our tissue. By using a concealer or cover stick, impurities, erythema and other small blemishes disappear like magic.

Mouth with red lips biting cherry
Holiday Red

In case you’re lucky to have a very even complexion, don’t hesitate to apply some liquid foundation for a perfect “finish”. With some fixing compact powder, the makeup survives a Christmas Eve that is full of tears of joy. Moreover, slight bronzing powder can be applied as well to hide the gracious winter-pale skin.

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow!
In order to prevent a mask-like effect, a highlighter is applied as the crowning end – strobing sets special highlights to the advantages of the skin.
When doing this, those parts of the skin the light falls on are accented, e.g. the tip of the nose, chin, the middle of the forehead and the cupid ’s bow. To get a natural look, some rouge is applied to the cheekbones.

Hot model with sexy lips makeup, strong eyebrows, wet hairstyle

Twinkle, twinkle little star…
Be it cool silver, warm gold or ice blue: Metallic colors are versatile and ensure a glamorous appearance at Christmas time. Cold and warm colors can be combined, too. Here’s a sample look: Gold, bronze and cold light blue are combined. Apply some eye shadow base on the eyelid up to underneath the eyebrow. When choosing one with a hint of glitter, the eyes will sparkle even more. Afterwards, cool, ice blue eye shadow is applied to the inner corner of the eye and softly smudged towards the middle of the lid. Now you’re done with a festive sparkling eye makeup!

Christmas: A feast sees red
Not only Santa Claus and Rudolph the red-nose reindeer know that red is the Christmas symbol color par excellence. Stylistic confident women, like to orchestrate the vibrant color on the lips or nails as well! Red lips are always stylish after all. Being the center of the makeup, they are very prominent – this is why we should rather hold ourselves back when it comes to the eyes. Some eyeliner and mascara are often sufficient. For those who don’t like red lips for Christmas, red nail polish would do. Green, white, silver and gold are also inspirational colors for creative art designs on our fingertips.

Courtsey of BeautyP.
sexy beautiful woman with blond curly hair in lingerie with presents

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