James Collins – Personal Body Sculpting Programs by High Fashion Model

James Collins has been involved in the sports and fitness world his whole life. Starting from playing football from the age of four to becoming a personal trainer. He is an NASM certified personal trainer and nutritionist but his knowledge started way back when he started his career as a high-end fashion model in 2000. Like all models his life is his body, therefore he found his office became the gym. Over the many years he has tried all of the fad workouts and diets. Learning what works and doesn’t along the way. As time went on his interest in fitness and health grew. To the point where he decided he wanted to study between shoots. Learning exactly how the body works. His studying still continues to this day. He is currently enrolled in university studying sports and fitness.


With his connection to the fashion industry he found himself training the models at his model agency. The agency loved the results of what he did for their models so much that his clientele has grown to work on the bodies of many of the high-end models you see in magazines today. Ranging from GQ to Victoria Secret.


“Fitness and health is something I am very passionate about. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone trying their hardest at whatever physical activity they are putting their mind to and enjoying it. Be it a child kicking a football around or a guy in the gym. For this reason I try to make my workouts as fun and as productive as possible. Because if you are not enjoying getting in shape then there is no point in doing it.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in this field. Whether it was listening to my mum talk about the nursing profession or me competing in a cross country race. I’ve always found the human body  fascinating. Hence I finally decided to learn more and began studying between modeling jobs. It’s been an enjoyable journey and one in which I am still on. I am continually learning and continually trying to improve my method for your gain. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

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