I have decided to cover the Circle of Sisters event at the Jacob Javitas Center, and I am excited to see if there are any changes.

In the  weeks leading up to the event they did a great job of  keeping us informed on what to expect, what changes were happening etc.

I arrive and go to the media check in desk. I am greeted warmly by two very nice ladies,  I am given my armband and escorted to the Press Room.

The Press Room is smaller than I remember, but still comfortable and efficient.  They have fresh fruit, hot coffee and tea and a charging station for your phones.  This is very nice.  Now, on to the Expo … .

Not what I expected…..  BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE, they have stepped up their game and have REAL VENDORS,  Nyack College, kids playing and learning chess, garments that look like they should be in upscale boutiques, they had an entire section on education, wow I’m impressed.

The seminars were amazing, they had Matthew Knowles speaking about the DNA of Achievers, it all starts from within, it’s a MUST READ BOOK.

They still had a few tee shirt vendors but they had upscale designers like Yvette Petty of Harlem Heaven Hats, who was recently in Vogue and Elle magazines, she displayed her brand with beautiful models at her booth.  Harriett Rosebud another superstar hat designer who has appeared in Model World Magazine, was also there featuring beautiful models to display her goods.  There was a great designer that did Made to Measure, she can measure you and make a garment that fits you.  There were chefs, entertainers, gospel concerts, great food, seminars, book signings, you name it, they had it, really fabulous.

Rotimi Selfie Credit: Oron Bell


Now on to the Fashion Show…..

Designer:  Hope Wade,  Photo Credit:  Pete Monsanto


The fashion show was ALL THE WAY UP… when I tell you they took it up a notch, yes, they did; real designers with real messages, not sweat suits, flowing gowns, draped opera coats, swirling hemlines,  models of all sizes, heights and weights. The fabulous Strike A Pose kids worked the runway.  I was impressed by the designers because they had a COLLECTION, not just clothes thrown together.  A pleasant surprise was Joe singing “I Wanna Know” to the crowd during the showing of the Michi line of fabulous knitwear.

Photo Credit:  Pete Monsanto

My only issue with the fashion show is they had no reserved space for the Press/Media to sit or stand.  If you are reporting on something you need to be able to see the garments.  There is no run of show for the Media/Press, so when we are left trying to figure out the designers names, which is not so clear all the time. I feel they should have reserved Press seats for the Media, with a run of show and contact info.  This helps the designers also if someone wants to buy a garment.  I think if they did this in the future, it would be the perfect event to attend.

Photo Credits:  top pic: Pete Monsanto, bottom pic:  Oron Bell

I am looking forward to the next Circle of Sisters.  If you did not attend, put it on your calendar for 2017, also if you have products to vendor, this is an excellent place to do it.

Keep up the good work Circle of Sisters…. See you in 2017.

Some of the Sponsors and Vendors:  cos-logo-soup2016-v12


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