All eyes on us! Care & Makeup for beautiful moments


The eyes highlight the individual character of our beauty. They say that the eyes are the window to your soul – and they are right! Sensational makeup makes our eyes look particularly beautiful. However, even the best makeup requires appropriate preparation! What it takes to create stunningly beautiful eyes.

Sensitive skin
Compared to the rest of our body, our visual organs indeed have a very thin skin: With about 0,5 mm it is especially tenuous and highly sensitive. Moreover, it has very few sebaceous glands. The appearance of our eye area is largely influenced by various internal and external factors. Sleepless nights, hours spent sitting in front of the computer, low-nutrient diets …all of them leave their mark. On top of that, influences of UV radiation and other environmental impacts produce so-called reactive oxygen species that affect the skin structure negatively. They attack essential nutrients such as proteins, lipids and saccharides. The skin appears dull and dry, looks tired and lacks flexibility and firmness. What it needs is a special care that serves all of these needs: Hence, eye cream reduces dark circles, reduces puffiness, revitalizes and sustainably moisturizes skin tissue – only then can tired eyes sparkle again!

Portrait of sexy woman with red lips and perfect skin

For your eyes only
Women aged 20 to 30 can maintain the moisture level and elasticity of their skin by using a light eye cream that is rich in vitamin A and E. From 30 onwards, their eye care should ideally contain stimulating components such as collagen, antioxidants and vitamin A, C and E. Women aged 40+ can rely on anti-aging formulations that help restoring the skin with hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Whether it is a cream, a gel or a serum – use your fingertips to softly pat around the eye area until the care is fully absorbed by the skin. A special eye and lip care is the ideal treatments for the delicate skin in these areas.

Make those eyes sparkle!
Once we’ve taken care of the sensitive skin around the eyes, we can start applying a primer that helps making our eye makeup last longer. Now, the sky’s the limit when it comes to eye makeup. You can either go for a subtle look by using eyeshadows in natural hues such as soft shades like beige or gold. Another all-time favorite is using black eyeliner to create stunning cat eyes.

“Up and down”: Gentle makeup removal
Our eyes may sparkle beautifully, but after every important event or fun night out, the makeup has to be removed. In order to gently free our eyes from makeup, cotton pads are the best choice. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands before starting to cleanse you face. Afterwards, you can start drenching the pads with cleansing milk or lotion and place them on the closed eyes for about two minutes. This way mascara and eyeliner can easily be removed. Always make sure to remove mascara in a vertical direction; only this way, the thin eyelashes are protected from falling out. There are also special care products for lashes and eyebrows such as lash boost serums that create a seductive look!

Makeup artist applies eye shadow

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