Ty Lite: A Must-Have Accessory brought to you by Beyonce’s Stylist!

beyonceTy-Lite (www.ty-lite.com) is the must-have accessory that everyone wants this year. This isn’t just your average smart phone case – Ty-Lite is the only light up phone case on the market that has three different professional LED light settings (guaranteed to make your selfies look better); Ty Lite also offers ultra protective smart phone casing!

This amazing innovation is a product of Ty Hunter’s very own “Passion Projects,” and his number one client, Beyonce, is a fan!

Insufficient lighting? No problem – Ty-Lite fixes that, and will make you look stunning too! Ty-Lite even has three additional video capabilities, Snapchat and Instagram filters, making it ideal for Face-timing.  See what MTV had to say about Ty-Lite here.pic-2


Ty-lite’s unprecedented quality and high tech capabilities is truly remarkable – and it’s getting rave reviews.  Check out this short video about Ty-Lite here.


  • Provides three different professional quality lighting features
  • is a certified protective smart phone case
  • does NOT affect your phone battery – has its own battery
  • with extended battery life (lasts up to and past one month before needing a full charge)!
  • Is available for various current and coming smart phone models (such as iphone 6, 6s, 6 PLUS, and coming for iphone 7)!
  • Retail price is $79.99

Available in Nordstrom retail stores nationwide and on-line via http://www.Ty-lite.com, as well as http://www.HSN.com,  http://www.Nordstrom.com, http://www.starshop.com, and http://www.amazon.com Hollywood’s elite swears by Ty-Lite. This is every girl’s must-have tech toy and phone accessory!pic-3

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