Hi Fabulous Fashion Folks, I will be teaching a fashion seminar at Andrene Lady Dove Williams event on Saturday Oct 22.

The seminar will consist of a variety of topics I think models want to know and I will answer questions models have.  We will talk about Branding, Getting Signed, What Your Role is as a Model, How important is being represented by someone, What area of Modeling are you interested in, What other types of Modeling jobs are available besides Runway and much, much more.  We will discuss auditions and competition in the Fashion Industry.  We will discuss International Modeling.  There is a lot of competition for the same modeling job, what makes you different, and why should they pick you.


Did you know that sometimes it takes “signed” model up to 2 years to see a profit?  They have to pay back any money the agency has invested in the model, like getting their teeth fixed, getting their comp cards done, housing them (from the ones out of town), photo shoots etc.  All this has to be paid for and remember the model, at that point, is not making the agency any money;  the agency is INVESTING in the model in the hopes that the model can turn a profit.  It’s not like TV, you get signed and you’re on a bill board on 57th Street.  That can happen, but it is unlikely.  It takes hard work.

vera moore.jpg

It’s important to invest in yourself, have a strong book, network with people, magazines, fashion blogs, photographers, etc, so you have a foundation in the fashion industry

I take classes to this day.  There are lots of things I need to know more about. Those that follow me, see my post when I’m attending a seminar at FIT.  I live by the motto “constant and never ending improvement”.  I can never learn enough, there is always something new every day.

There is only one person that is in charge of your destiny and that’s you.  You’re the only one that can MAKE THE CHANGE.

If you are not satisfied where you are now…..BE THE CHANGE……


I hope I see you at the seminar on Oct 22, after the seminar you are all invited to attend the  Dee Couture See Now Buy Now, MADE TO MEASURE fashion industry Runway show at the Holiday Inn.

For more information contact uniqueblendmodels@gmail.com

About the Producer:


Andrene Williams, born in Jamaica, West Indies and raised in Queens New York, is the Founder/CEO of Ladydoves Self Enrichment youth Organization (www.ladydoves.org). Ms. Williams is the proud product of a single parent household. She has four siblings and a son. As a result of remembering all the struggles she went through as a child in a low-income household she knew that she wanted to make a difference for the youth in her community. Henceforth began the birth of Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization. Her organization works with children from 6-21 years old. Ladydoves provides scholarship, after-school program, mentoring, tutoring, model training (to enhance self esteem), career advisement, job preparation skills, summer program, life skills workshops and so much more. Ms. Williams can be seen on QPTV cable vision, Queens Times magazine, Queens Chronicle and a few others. She was interviewed by NY-1 and was also Queens Person of the Week in August 2011 for her work with the youth in the community.

She is also CEO of G.E.V.A.S. (Global Elite Virtual Assistant Service), (www.mygevas.com) (process new business LLC, corporation, trademarks, event planning, etc), a notary, licensed real estate salesperson, motivational speaker and a graduated nurse.  Ms. Williams is also a plus size model who is also a house model for the ever so talented designer Lonie Cisco. She uses her experience in modeling to help inspire, uplift and empower plus size women so that they will enhance their confidence level and learn to love their curves. She can be seen gracing the runway in various boroughs. She recently participated in Philadelphia Full Figured Fashion Week in October 2011, and has been featured in various online magazines. She was featured on the cover of the January issue of Change gospel magazine which is distributed in the five boroughs and various states as well as on the cover for the anniversary issue of Queen Size magazine.

Ms. Williams recently started Phoenix Entertainment Management Group (PEMG) that consists of artists, photographers, models, songwriters, choreographers, producers, etc. Their goal is “Bringing Life to Your Vision”. You can contact her regarding PEMG at phoenixemg@gmail.com.

Ms. Williams recently expanded on the concept of Ladydoves and created a subsidiary of Ladydoves which is called Unique Blend Models (UBM). She is the CEO/Model Coordinator. Unique Blend Models mission is to empower women of size and enhance self esteem, while promoting the concept that all women are unique. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and when we come together we blend beautifully. Their first event was held at the community based African American Museum in Hempstead, New York and it was a success. She recently expanded to Philadelphia and opened a UBM Philly division.

Ms. Williams is truly a woman who believes the sky is the limit and is always “soaring to new heights”.

Ms. Williams can be contacted at the following email addresses: uniqueblendmodels@gmail.com

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