Revamp Your Man’s Fashion This Holiday with Something Strong and Skinny Tie Madness


The holidays can be a major stress inducer, especially when you have no idea what to get the special man in your life. Make gift-giving easy with two handsome brands, Something Strong and Skinny Tie Madness. Both companies are making their mark on the men’s fashion industry by completely revolutionizing men’s casual and formal wear.

Whether he’s an avid traveler, a hard-working student, or hasn’t updated his wardrobe in years, these fashionable men’s gift will elevate any man’s style. Both Something Strong and Skinny TieMadness have put their own spin on what the conventional men’s bag and tie should look like and mean to the customer. Each brand is carefully crafted with high-quality material and offers the durability to meet every aspect of a man’s lifestyle.


Something Strong specializes in men’s apparel and accessories that are ideal for a Friday at the office, but tasteful enough for the night’s festivities. It’s perfect for the guy who means business, but also doesn’t take life too seriously.

Exceptional features of Something Strong include:

  • Large Pockets: Carry laptops, books, notepads, etc. with room sized pockets built into the Something Strong messenger bags, backpacks, or duffle bags.
  • Easily Adjustable: Each messenger and duffel bag comes equipped with an adjustable length strap to fit your comfort.
  • Affordable: Regardless of the design and style, each bag is retailed for $129.
  • Available in Various Colors and Designs: Choose from a wool, plaid, or solid colors, all giving a masculine essence to each look.

Family-owned and operated, Skinny Tie Madness combines masculinity, style and a dash of men’s humor to their line of retro-style skinny ties.


 Exceptional features of Skinny Tie Madness include:

  • Innovative: Each tie is designed with care and aims to offer colors and fabrics not commonly seen in retail stores.
  • Humorous Names and Bright Colors: Choose from various eccentric options such as, the Striped Chambray Vodka Breath Tie or the solid grey Jenny Jen Jen Tie.
  • Affordable: Each tie is retailed for only $29.
  • Tip Clips Included: Each tiecomes equipped with lasting tie clips.

This holiday, revamp your man’s style with the unique and polished designs of Something Strong and Skinny Tie Madness. Sleek, tasteful and eye-catching, your man will definitely be adding these brands on their holiday wish list every year.


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