I’m excited as I put on my Nitz Cruz “ONE OF A KIND” Pearl Necklace  and check the mirror.  I’m on my way to one of the most anticipated fashion week shows of the season…. Atlantic City Fashion Week Produced by Lamont and Jeana Bowling, held at the Claridge Hotel.


What make Atlantic City Fashion Week the MUST SEE SHOW….

  • Professionalism (first), the show is done in a professional manner, everyone has a pleasant attitude and if you are lucky enough to be VIP, they make sure you feel like VIP. They announce their front row, sponsors, vendors, celebrities and special guest.
  • The have excellent designers that show a COHESIVE COLLECTION. Not just people that have fabric lying around and decided to MAKE SOMETHING.  The designers that show season after season, bring a NEW COLLECTION EACH SEASON.  You will NOT see the same garments from last season.
  • They stay with the calendar. If Spring/Summer 2017 is showing, that is what you will see at Atlantic City Fashion Week.
  • The hair and makeup teams are ON POINT. Hair was done TO PERFECTION at the Atlantic City FW
  • Great Vendors – so you can shop, shop, shop
  • Hash tags are ready. You have everything you need to get the word out on social media while at the show.
  • THIS SHOW STARTS ON TIME – Almost UNHEARD of in the Fashion Industry. A Show that STARTS ON TIME…..Darling… I Love It.


The show consisted of different designers showing creative lines.  Some chose to play with fabrics and colors, while others took to the runway to make a statement.  One of the most eccentric designs, was the collection that had a model in a “Gumby” type of garment, it really was fabulous, you would definitely go to the front of the line with that garment on.  Additional “Ones to Watch” were the Iron Maiden, Saminah and Clayvon Men’s Wear (there were others we are still getting the list of designers).  I am always in “Fashion Shock” with the Iron Maiden; her garments are made of Iron and are FABULOUS…. I’m still thinking, how does she do that…Saminah designs lovely red carpet, Oscar wearable gowns, floaty and sheer, that look great on any size.  Clayvon Men’s Wear…  well we all know how handsome a well dress man looks and he chooses the right models.  I like that he adds the accessory of the matching scarf and bag, completing the outfit.  SuperModel Naitra graced he runway as her Mom was one of the amazing designers in the show, with flair for the spectacular, gowns of graceful silhouette with modified hemlines that swirled, what a creative, dramatic collection.  All the models did an excellent job.

The show started on TIME.  I can’t thank the Producers enough for starting on time as many people travel a 3 hour distance to attend Atlantic City Fashion Week and have to travel another 3 hours back if not staying in the hotel.  The fact that they start on time helps everyone involved.

The Front Row, Fashion A-Listers and Celebrities graced the show with their appearance, Olympic Runners/Winners, Grammy Nominated Artists, SuperModels from Ralph Lauren, Magazine Moguls were out in full force, i-Fashion Editor-in-Chief Lloyd Crawford along with myself, Sofia Davis – Publisher of Fashion Avenue News, Model World Magazine, The Fashion Impire (Magazines) and The FAN Daily (Fashion blog, as well as Celebrity photographers and Red Carpet Host.

At the end of the show, the producers graced the runway looking FABULOUS, (Jeana in a hot pink couture gown and Lamont in a striking suit) and thanked their teams, their guest, their VIPs, Vendors, Models, Sponsors, their backstage/front of the house help, volunteers, interns, MUAs, Hair Stylists and most of all the PRESS/MEDIA.  These smart producers know that without Press/Media, you have no show.  Keep up the good work.

There is so much more to say about this great show, this is just a synopsis of the evening.  More to come.

Yes, Atlantic City Fashion Week is DIFFERENT FROM THE REST and this is why.

Photo Credits: Lloyd Crawford and Sofia Davis


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