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Fashion Stylists interpret the styling requirements of clients to produce both an impressively creative and technically accurate visual representation. Five feet eight inches’ tall beauty, Wendy Isaac, luckily has been on both sides of the fence being not only a model but also a fashion stylist consultant. Hailing from the picturesque Molineux of St. Kitts, her journey proved that simply having a dream and pursuing it are the first steps of establishing your very own success story.  Wendy, an elegant fashionista in her mid-thirties has always aspired to be a major part of the fashion world or as she described it had ‘A passion for fashion’. For someone who spent their Saturday’s at the age of eight being inspired by the Elsa Clinch Style Segment on CNN and designing dresses by her early teen years anyone would agree that Wendy’s future in the area of Fashion and style was inevitable, the first chapter to the story of the rest of her life. At age fifteen it should come as no surprise that Wendy was already winning grand competitions such as Miss Convent High school in her birth country around the age of fifteen while attending St. Theresa Convent High. Subsequently, she won Miss Talented teen and continued making headlines as she was awarded another major win being crowned Miss Caribbean talented teen, one of the most premiered Caribbean pageants all within a three-year time frame. Undeniably, she was made for the industry and her first magazine spread in Panache magazine at only age 18 was solid proof that she was a force to be reckoned with. After accomplishing so much so young, Wendy being the ambitious and diligent person she was and remains, was fueled to tackle all her goals against all odds. She then managed to be booked by Classique Model Agency for around two years and also ventured on her own doing independent modeling and landing gigs in some of the most prominent International Shows in different Caribbean countries as well as New York City and Miami, where she continued to showcase her talent and make her name known. A Stylist’s client may agree that the background of their stylist is important in order to keep customer confidence, hence the reason a spot-on slideshow of Wendy’s journey is clear enough clarification for her extensive clientele.

The elegant, bubbly and self-assured model always dreamt of opening her own business as well but like all business plans it took a while. She moved to New York in full pursuit of her career and to make her dreams a budding reality. Among other things Wendy had managed to get into an online Boutique that later transformed itself. Around Five years ago Wendy had added another accolade to her lengthy list of accomplishments; the establishment of her business Le Coiffeur. Le coiffeur is a well-known New York Base Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant Service, a company that prides itself on the absolute satisfaction and wellbeing of its customers. Behind all the glamour, accolades and success, Wendy is known to be a very humble shy soul. When the diva isn’t in the spotlight or in front of a plethora of cameras she enjoys calm days, going to the beach and traveling, which are the hobbies that keep her grounded amidst her busy schedule and hectic lifestyle. After recently accomplishing her very first Fashion show with Le Coiffeur that was deemed a major success and the birth of her exotic swim suit line under the le coiffeur brand, Wendy is well on her way to making her brand a household name in the fashion industry, continuing to reach for the stars the sky being her limit. A Famous designer once said Fashion is an art and you are the canvas, and it comes without saying that a stylist and model must always make a good impression in order to maintain their success and in both arenas Wendy has managed to make an intriguing first and lasting impression to anyone she meets. When asked about Wendy, ‘Fashionable, glamorous, exuberant, gorgeous and talented ‘are the most common words that were mentioned by her close friends and clients, adjectives that can be used as the final few strokes when painting, so gaudily, the work of art that is Wendy.


  1. George Brown

    thanks to Sofia Davis Fashion Avenue & photographers & coco Jackson

    the Show just fabulous &thanks for letting me be pert of the scene
    happy new years to all at Fashion Avenue love from G.B


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